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17 May 2014

New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa raises concerns

12 May 2014

Land and Agrarian Reform in Zimbabwe : Beyond White-Settler Capitalism

26 January 2012

Zimbabwe’s land reform

Zimbabwe’s land reform since 2000 has been intensely controversial. Overturning the settler colonial pattern of land use and creating a new agrarian structure has had far-reaching consequences. Yet the debate about what happened, where and to who has too often been shallow and ill-informed, and not based on solid...

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4 September 2010

Africa Up For Grabs

Foreword The African continent is increasingly being seen as a source of agricultural land and natural resources for the rest of the world. National governments and private companies are obtaining access to land across the continent to grow crops for food and fuel to meet growing demand from mainly overseas...

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24 August 2010

New Blog on Oilpalm in Africa Oil palm is a traditional native crop for West and Central African communities, who are used to either plant them on their lands or to collect fruits, leaves or sap from native palms to use them in their daily lives: from locally processing palm oil to be used in the...

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14 May 2010

Biofuels drive raises risk of farmer eviction in Africa

6 May 2010

Turning African farmland over to big business

21 October 2009

Land-grabbing in Africa: The why and the how

21 July 2009

India joins ’neocolonial’ rush for Africa’s land and labour

29 June 2009

Africa: The Global Food Price Crisis - A Critique of Orthodox Perspectives

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