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16 November 2015

Foreign pension funds and land grabbing in Brazil

A New York company managing the retirement savings of workers in Sweden, the US and Canada is evading Brazilian laws on foreign investment to acquire farmlands from a businessman accused of violently displacing local communities (With support from the National Family Farm Coalition, the United Church of Canada,...

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30 March 2015

Land grabbing as a political act in Turkey

7 March 2013

Chavez Renewed Latin America and Revived Socialism

13 February 2013

Focus Policy Review: Whose Growth? Whose Democracy?

Contents Whose growth? Whose democracy? by Clarissa Militante Voices from the countryside:Farmers speak of agrarian reform strugglesby Mary Ann Manahan APECO’s story: two visions of development contend in land grab caseby Jerik Cruz Photos: Agrarian Reform Campaign and Consultations; FOCUS in Rio 20+ Meeting;...

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13 February 2013

Rural Social Movements and Agroecology: Context, Theory, and Process

Rosset, P. M., and M. E. Martínez-Torres. 2012. Rural social movements and agroecology: context, theory, and process. Ecology and Society 17(3): 17.

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25 April 2012

Hacienda Luisita Farmworkers-Beneficiaries Vow to Make their Land Productive

Urge government to review other SDOs and distribute other landholdings under CARPER The Farmworkers Agrarian Reform Movement in Hacienda Luisita (FARM-Luisita) and Save Agrarian Reform Alliance (SARA) today claim victory in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision to distribute Hacienda Luisita, and for the...

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28 July 2010

Hengara: Perseverance and hope

August 2010 will be three years after hundreds of families forcefully settled themselves in the plantation land at Chengara, which is otherwise illegally occupied by the Harrison’s Plantations. A visit to Chengara in June 2010, in a reasonably ’peaceful’ time, have been a very interesting experience revealing the...

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1 June 2010

Inter-American Development Bank Megaprojects: Displacement and Forced Migration

For the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (the English acronym is NALAAC), an organization of communities of Latin American migrants who live in the Diaspora of globalization, displacement of communities and forced migration comprise the central issue. We in Latin American migrant...

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23 December 2009

Argentina: Disappearing Farmers, Disappearing Food

Editor’s Note: The National Indigenous Campesino Movement of Argentina is in a desperate fight against an impoverishing agricultural system. Monoculture production, especially of soy has had a profound effect on farmers. Land consolidation has forced thousands of farmers off the land. Violence against campesinos is...

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29 June 2009

The Landless rural workers movement and democracy in Brazil

On the night of October 29, 1985, more than 200 trucks, buses and cars converged from 32 different municipal districts in Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul to occupy a mostly idle, 9,200-hectare cattle ranch known as the Annoni estate. Over than 6,000 people participated in what was then the largest...

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