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Food Sovereignty

3 July 2007

Food Sovereignty is what Africa Needs

Berlin, 17 - 18 June 2007 Diamantino Nhampossa UNAC - Mozambique Coordinator of Via Campesina-Africa My country - Mozambique - is one of those African countries in which the consequences of colonization, neo- or re-colonization, and structural adjustment programs are visible. There is a growing number of poor...

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18 May 2007

Peak Soil: Why cellulosic ethanol, biofuels are unsustainable and a threat to America

18 May 2007

The ecological and social tragedy of crop-based biofuel production in the Americas

Biofuels have been promoted as a promising alternative to petroleum. Industry, government and scientific proponents of biofuels claim that they will serve as an alternative to peaking oil, mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing farmer incomes, and promoting rural development. But...

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1 May 2007

Forum in Mali: Building consensus

25 April 2007

Food sovereignty: for a future without hunger

The town of Selingué in Mali, Western Africa, hosted the Food Sovereignty Forum - Nyéléni 2007-from 23 - 27 February 2007. Peasant organizations, small scale farmers, fisherpeople, shepherds, indigenous peoples, forest communities, women, consumers, environmentalists and some urban groups participated to strengthen...

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5 April 2007

Join us in the Global Campaign for the Defense of Autonomous Indigenous and Peasant Lands and Territories, in Chiapas, Mexico and the World!!!

To all National and International Organizations To all of National and International Civil Society To the Other Campaign To the Zezta Internazional Last March 25, the Compañeras and Compañeros of the EZLN’s Sixth Commission announced the formal start of the second phase of their visits to all of Mexico,...

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21 March 2007

Nyeleni 2007, Unconventional Gathering

The Nyeleni 2007 Forum for Food Sovereignty in Mali was not your usual global conference of diplomats and policy makers; the six-day programme initiated by and for the underprivileged worldwide was marked by a spirit of international solidarity, writes SUPARA JANCHITFAH In what was probably the world’s poorest...

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19 March 2007

Declaration of Nyeleni We, more than 500 representatives from more than 80 countries, of organizations of peasants/family farmers, artisanal fisher-folk, indigenous peoples, landless peoples, rural workers, migrants, pastoralists, forest communities, women, youth, consumers, environmental and urban...

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30 March 2006

Declaration of the "Land, Territory and Dignity" Forum, Porto Alegre, March 6-9, 2006 - For a New Agrarian Reform based on Food Sovereignty!

29 April 2004

Peoples’ Caravan Delegates Arrested in Nepal

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