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Food Sovereignty

29 June 2009

Agrofuels, Food Sovereignty, and the Contemporary Food Crisis

In this article, agrofuels are examined in the context of the world food price crisis and the “food sovereignty” pro- posal for addressing the crisis. Both short- and long-term causes of the crisis are examined, and while agrofuels are presently not a prime causal factor they are clearly contraindicated by the...

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3 June 2009

New land grab website

3 June 2009

The Statute of Rural Renewal puts Taiwan’s Farmers in red alert

Activists against the Statute of Rural Renewal, Taiwan, are constantly on the alert to prevent the Kuomintang (KMT) from forcing through the statute in the Legislative Yuan. The controversial Statute of Rural Renewal has aroused debates between governmental officials and groups of farmers, variously involved...

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22 May 2009

The Avery Diet: The Hudson Institute’s Misinformation Campaign Against Cuban Agriculture

Fernando Funes Cuban Association of Agricultural and Forestry Technicians (ACTAF) Miguel A Altieri President, Latin American Scientific Society of Agroecology (SOCLA) ( Peter Rosset Co-coordinator, Land Research Action Network ( An article written by Dennis Avery,...

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25 April 2009

Food Sovereignty in Latin America: Confronting the ‘New’ Crisis

During the first months of 2007, Mexicans took to the streets to protest a sudden doubling of the price of corn tortillas, the mainstay of the national diet. Government officials and industry blamed the increase of corn prices in the global market on the widespread promotion of ethanol production from corn as...

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17 March 2009

John Kinsman: Nation’s Food System Nearly Broke

27 January 2009

Fourteen Years of NAFTA and the Tortilla Crisis

25 January 2009

Food Sovereignty and the Contemporary Food Crisis

Peter Rosset examines the current global food price crisis, identifying both long- and short-term causes. He argues that to escape the crisis, countries must rebuild and protect domestic peasant and family farmer food production and public inventories. The ‘food sovereignty’ paradigm put forth by the global peasant...

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30 November 2008

Who Owns Nature?

New report warns of corporate concentration, commodification of nature; highlights global resistance grounded in "Food Sovereignty" To download the full ETC Group today releases a 48-page report, "Who Owns Nature?" on corporate concentration in commercial food, farming, health and the...

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9 November 2008

The 2008 land grab for food and financial security

Today’s food and financial crises have, in tandem, triggered a new global land grab. On the one hand, "food insecure" governments that rely on imports to feed their people are snatching up vast areas of farmland abroad for their own offshore food production. On the other hand, food corporations and private...

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