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13 February 2013

Focus Policy Review: Whose Growth? Whose Democracy?


  • Whose growth? Whose democracy?
    by Clarissa Militante
  • Voices from the countryside:Farmers speak of agrarian reform strugglesby Mary Ann Manahan
  • APECO’s story: two visions of development contend in land grab caseby Jerik Cruz
  • Photos: Agrarian Reform Campaign and Consultations; FOCUS in Rio 20+ Meeting; FOCUS at the Asia-Europe Peoples’ Forum 9, in Ventiane Laos
  • Defending water justice and democracy in Asia: alternatives to commercialization and privitizationby Mary Ann Manahan, Buenaventura Dargantes, Cheryl Batistel
  • Greening Free Trade means protecting status quoby Joseph -urugganan

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