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9 June 2010

Red Sugar, Green Deserts

Report on monocultures and human rights

The Spanish version of the report "Red Sugar, Green Deserts. Latin American report on monocultures and violations of the Human Rights to adequate food and housing, to water, to land and to territory" which was launched in Copenhagen in December 2009 by the organizations FIAN (FoodFirst Information & Action Network), HIC-AL (Habitat International Coalition Latin America Regional Office) and Solidarity Sweden-Latin America (Latinamerikagrupperna), is now published.

The report, consisting of articles from 26 different writers and cases from 10 Latin American countries, shows that the agroindustrial model based on monocultures has grave impacts on the human rights. Monocultures also cause destruction of biodiversity and the ecosystem, deforestration and increased greenhouse gases, aggravating climate change.


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