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3 de julho de 2008

SOS solidarity with MST Bazil

This is to ask your solidarity. Our movement is suffering a true offensive of the conservative forces in the Rio Grande do Sul State. Those forces not only wish to see the land distributed, as the Constitution states, but they also want too criminalize those who are struggling for the agrarian reform and stop the MST.

To do so, those political forces which in fact defend the powerful interests from transnational corporation’s economic groups are establishing themselves in the state to control agriculture and large land owners are represented today in the Administration of Ms. Yeda Crusius, through it Military Brigade, in the Judiciary and in the media monopoly.

Bellow we are sending you various documents to ilustrate that, and it will require a bit of pacience but it will better explain the gravity of the situation.

Today, June 24th, we are submitting a formal denunciation to the Human Rights Commission of the Federal senate which has moved to Porto Alegre, especially to monitor de situation. Bellow is the document-denunciation drafted by Dr. Leandro Scalabrini, our attorney. We have also enclosed the minutes of the meeting of the Public Ministry, and the coverage from the local press.

What do need from you?

a) To send letters in protest to the Governor Yeda Crusius, and

and to the General Attorney of Justice, who is appointed by the governor and coordinates the State Public Ministry.

A standard letter has been attached. But if you prefer, simply use your creativity.

b) Please send us a copy of all the messages sent to the authorities, write to Human Rights sector of the national MST <>

and to the press sector <>

c) We ask those who live abroad to write to the Brazilian Embassies in your countries demanding for the federal government to assure the right of workers to freely organize.

Thank you for everything

Juvelino Strozake

Human Rights Sector

MST/ national

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