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5 December 2007

Landless lock motorway in support to the evicted families in Limeira


Yesterday afternoon, November 29th, approximately 200 Landless rural workers from Ribeirão Preto region organized a protest, closing km 315 in Anhanguera motorway. The mobilization intended to repudiate the violence used by the riot police in Limeira during the eviction, of the families living in Camp Elizabeth Teixeira

The eviction happened yesterday morning. Around 10:30AM, soldiers entered the camp firing rubber bullets against the landless workers who in the place. Among those who were wounded is the member of the national directorship of the MST, Gilmar Mauro. Five people were sent to the hospital, three were wounded and two people who felt sick including a woman who had a heart attack during the operation. The landless workers were not allowed to leave the area and to remove those who were wounded.

The Police remained in the camp, destroying what was left of the huts while waiting for the families to leave. The person in charge of the operation gave a deadline for the landless workers to leave the area. The workers are now waiting for the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform ( INCRA) to find a new site to relocate the evicted families. The MST holds the city house in Limeira, the São Paulo State government and the Federal government accountable for the episode. This incident occurs less than two months after the murder of the MST leader Vamir Mota Oliveira, Keno, in Paraná, during another violent action threatening the life of Landless Rural workers.

The camp Elizabeth Teixeira was established on April 21st this year. The Park Tatu, which formerly belonged to the Federal Railway System, has been incorporated into the Union. The court order for the reintegration of the site, given to the city of Limeira by the judge Flávio Dassi Viana is illegal, since the park belongs to the Union.

The city of Limeira, never had the title of the area, and uses some of the spaces of the Park to perform activities that degrade the environment. Inside of the park there is a "rubbish dump" that is operating in inadequate conditions, further damaging the already polluted river Tatu, which runs through the city of Limeira and meets Piracicaba River.


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