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8 February 2007

Colombia’s Palm Oil Biodiesel Push

By Tatiana Roa Avendaño

Tatiana Roa Avendaño is a member of Censat Agua Viva and Amigos de la Tierra/Colombia.

Megaprojects to produce biofuels purport to be a solution to fossil fuel addiction.
However, have the people proposing such alternatives even stopped to consider their
potential impact on ecosystems, communities, and cultures?

This article lays out the steps that have paved the way for these projects, focusing
especially on the ramifications of the African palm in Colombia, from which one type of
biofuel is derived. Watch for more pieces in the America’s Program Biofuels series to
learn more about this important issue.

This article was published on Biodiversidad en América Latina an organization associated with the Environment and Biodiversity Issue Area of IRC’s Americas Program.

Read the complete article on IRC’s Americas website.


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